Karen Bystedt has blazed the art world with her vision "ANDY GOES STREET" featuring her Andy Warhol Wheatpaste Stencils, Mural and Canvas/Print collaborations with different street artists.

"Handsome Andy" Karen Bystedt x Gregory Siff Collaboration


"Handsome Andy" Karen Bystedt x Gregory Siff Collaboration

  • Size: 20" x 20"
  • Gregory Siff x Karen Bystedt
  • Limited edition 10
  • Archival Ink on Moab
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"When Karen shared her photo of Andy with me, the first thing I noticed was that his hand was touching his heart —. almost covering it to protect it —or indicating where the art comes from. I had always been drawn to the way Warhol had revealed his myth in the presentation of his paintings. I painted Karen Bystedt’s photograph Handsome Andy, silver because Karen told me it was his favorite color. While working on the Andy piece I played a documentary about his life for inspiration. Some of the characters I created were; A Clock with 15 Minutes, Sandwiches his Mother made him, Mickey Mouse, James Dean, Marilyn, Liz Taylor, TV, Polaroids, Basquiat, Money, a Campbell’s Soup Can. The moments that add up to the arc that is Andy Warhol, occupy this portrait. I’m honored to be able to collaborate with Karen on this beautiful photograph."
-Gregory Siff